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Here are a few fun facts about me: I love Gold Peak Tea, I prefer winter over summer, I've taught myself to make wigs, do makeup, do nails, & make natural skincare products for myself. I have written over 100  poems, 2 books, over 100 lyrics since I was 12 years old, & I am a self taught baker of 8 years!

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Thank you so much for visiting my site & learning all about Fine Melanin Roses. I started this brand in 2020 when I couldn't find the type of content I wanted on social media. COVID impacted me emotionally constantly see people sick & dying and also seeing it flood my timeline day in and day out. I understood the severity of what was going on but I also wanted to shine my own light in what seemed like a dark world. I quickly learned how to take my concept & make it a reality. I have taught myself how to create aesthetically pleasing graphics, create a website & build a brand. I've definitely had moment of discouragement & fear of failure but I never gave up on why I started. To some this may not make sense, but to me in all flows in a beautiful harmony. I have successfully created my own way to maneuver in social media without ingulfing myself in the trends, numbers, & popularity. When you think of Fine Melanin Roses, I want you to understand that it's one of a kind, it's uplifting, it's supportive, & it's meant to show love to all women & entrepreneurs. I'm learning every day and constantly reaching my goals with the help of your support! It's only up from here & I hope to see you at the top!


Facebook or Instagram: @finemelaninroses

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