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2022 Beat Me Like I Stole Something, Let Me Explain!

Last year was a lot even for me! I couldn't wait to make it to 2022! I was just looking for a way out and on to better circumstances. Want me to tell you what I learned, here you go!

  1. People, things, connections are all temporary. Enjoy them while they last.

  2. You don't have to always be okay, nobody expects you to be.

  3. Just starting is an achievement.

  4. It's okay to cry. It's natural.

  5. Therapy can be beneficial but you also have to apply it outside of that setting.

  6. You can't continue focusing on the negative and expect the opposite.

  7. Speaking life over yourself changes things, slowly but surely.

  8. You don't have to follow after what everyone else is doing.

  9. Being yourself isn't popular or viral, it's honest.

  10. Learn from your mistakes.

  11. Learn as much as you can about financial literacy.

  12. Keep your credit up and don't get reckless just because its great.

  13. You define your own success, not the altered reality of social media

  14. Numbers don't define you, stop living and dying by your followers, engagement, and insights.

  15. Prayer changes things, the good, bad, and ugly.

  16. Trust God.

  17. Nobody asked you to have all the answers, take that burden off of yourself.

Let me know in the comments what 2022 taught you! I know I wasn't the only student in that class!

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