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“99 Problems”

"He’s got ninety-nine problems and the biggest one could never be me

He’s never lacking, never capping, I really do fulfill all his needs

That’s the difference, I’m the antidote

I go down smooth, Stella Rosa, only for the weekends though

He’s got all these little obstacles that’s when he confides in me

It’s just something about a Taurus, we do it so effortlessly

He sees the God in me, I’m blessed

Life may make a mess, I clean it up no stress

Even after he’s seen my hidden glory, I make him wonder what’s left

The biggest blessing, the quietest one

The biggest moves I make are always the quietest ones

God put the razzle dazzle on me

They asked for extra & he had none

I hit the mind harder than a heart attack

Boy you better relax when I throw it back

Don’t duck, you better catch this n*t

Now you talking bout “what’s up?”

He’s got ninety-nine problems and the biggest one I’ll never be

Soon as he comes into my presence, I touch his soul softly

It’s just something about me

It’s just something I do

It’s not even the body

My words make you cum too"



Make sure you watch Honest Honest Ep.1 in Melanin TV for the e breakdown behind this amazing poetry by Alexis !

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