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KCSC: Survey Says.....

Your customers might be the gem you need to learn on where you can improve. Instead of beating yourself up, running through your numbers and engagement, try asking your customers. The common thread of Keeping Customer Service Cute is using what you already have, taking the complaints and unsatisfied customers, and making the best of ALL your criticism.

4. Your Policy Needs Improvement: Most small businesses have a NO REFUND OR EXCHANGES policy. If you sell a product, it's too much of a hassle and takes twice as long. If you provide a service, you spent money on supplies and time so a deposit has to be in place. IT'S OKAY TO HAVE YOUR POLICY TO REFLECT WHAT YOU VALUE MOST: TIME. I'm not telling you to make exceptions or loopholes but LIFE HAPPENS. Knowing people in various industries gives me a inside look into their WHY. When you're creating your policy, please do allow there to be a open door for the customer to talk to you privately as you may have to make a exception. Would you rather lose $100 in total or get it later? You have to be smart about blocking out a good percentage of your potential customers by having a "NO NONSENSE" policy. I highly recommend collecting deposits, sending confirmation emails, and covering yourself in every way possible, but make sure your policy is reasonable not absurd.


5. Ask & You Shall Receive: When's the last time you asked your customers how they enjoyed their service? When's the last time you asked them how they enjoy using your products? When the last time you talked to your customers AFTER YOU GOT PAID? Customer service stretches farther than the order or service provided. Going that extra mile only takes a few minutes. It gives your business a human feel. It helps your customer to see that you care about more than just the money they send you. Whatever you think your customer is expecting of you, EXCEED THEIR EXPECTATIONS! Put yourself in their shoes. What do you expect from Bath & Body Works, Walmart, Target, & most of all CHICK FIL A? These people may not be in your industry but the common message is they want you to leave satisfied.


6. Smile: I know this may hurt but YOUR CUSTOMERS DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! Not today, not tomorrow, not ever! All they know is they picked you for a service or product and they want you to deliver no matter the day or time. You were once working for someone else and you had to leave your feelings at the front door. Same goes when you're the boss. You have to separate business and personal. When you receive a notification of a chargeback, a complaint about a service, or anything else give your best. If they are paying you, the least they deserve is a good attitude. You want them to come back right?

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