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“A Beautiful Symphony”

MASTERPIECE is a series and ebook all about confronting the flaws we try to hide, dim, or ignore. FMR finds the beauty in becoming transparent with who we are and what makes us the amazing beings we’re changing into every day. When you read these poems, allow yourself to feel the words & find yourself. Thank you so much for your support in FMR!

“A Beautiful Symphony”

“my rise and my fall

my up and my down

skin covered in sorrow

no new hope for tomorrow.

you are

my defeat and my crown

the man w no face the vibe w no identity

6 different waves 3 different seas

i’ve already begged please i’ve been on my knees

you are

every emotion every sound of interlude

the yes to my no

you saying no makes me say yes

confusion to comfort

comfort to confinement

watch an old movie time let’s rewind it

you are

every other’s missing piece

every challenge not faced

every emotion that moves the nerves of my face

content in what it is

cautious of what could be

as you should be

after all it’s me

a bad apple in a bunch

a dark storm to the skies

in the eye of the morning

skin like gold i glow

dusting off my imperfections

seeking not of perfections

you are


“Thank you so much for coming to join so many other Queens in this amazing experience! Poetry has found its way into my heart for many years now & I love how openly I’m able to express myself through words, vibes, & my imagination! I hope all of these words touch you & I can’t wait to share more with you!” -LEXX

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