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A Message to the Finest Queens

Ya'll have showed out this year with the support and I greatly appreciate it! In the past few months I've noticed FMR has its time to shine and its time to rest. Being the sole creator behind such an impactful brand means that every decision falls on me and I've decided to make changes in 2023 that are going to allow me more time to create, be present, and still give you all what you deserve from me.

Here's what you can expect from me & FMR in 2023

  1. Content will come out every other month, three times a week. This will allow me time to create without feeling pressured to come up with ideas and execute them. To be as creative as I like, I need to create a stable routine I can flow with consistently.

  2. Episodes of Honest Honey will come out twice a month along with the poems.

  3. Fine Features will be $20 to publish on our website. The Publication Request Form is on our site with more information.

There are more changes and adjustments that will be made an announced throughout the year so make sure you follow us on Facebook & Instagram. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! -LEXX

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