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ABC Financial Literacy

“Hi my name is Nakala Harris and at 25 years of age, I am a young emerging philanthropist with the vision of eliminating the gap of understanding financial literacy.

Being the youngest of my four siblings I had the capability to see my elders and the decisions they chose, which gave me insight to observe and choose my path. I had many entrepreneurs in my family who was also scholars. By observing their dedication to learning knowledge and utilizing it to generate a business of their own, I had the sense at an early age i would be creating a great legacy.

When I had my first daughter, Bumi Ali, at age of 20, I now had the responsibility of continuing a family legacy. I further research on generating wealth and I stumbled on one resource that sparked my dedication. I read online that on average it will take 5 years to run a fully profitable operating business. Some may argue a few years more or less, but i took it as 5 years will be 5 years no matter what. By understanding that five years of consistency will produce results in development and guarantee growth, I began creating longevity goals to manifest a legacy. When my daughter turned 3 years of age, I filled for a company of her own, Bumi Bee Enterprise LLC.

Giving the five year theory, my daughter will have a fully operational and profitable company at an early age of 8. As of March 2022 she is currently 4 years of age, and our brand is seeing progress of expansion in 3 countries by 2022 including the Unites States, Belize, and West Africa. I can only imagine what my 8 year old business owner will have achieved as the development persists. She is a living legacy that wealth can be generated if we utilize time appropriately.”

1. How do you break down financial literacy for children to understand?

“For the youth to understand the breakdown of financial literacy, i use a few strategies that is relatable to them. One strategy is through my reading book “ABC’s of Financial Literacy” . We all are introduced to learning our alphabet, so this is the perfect to introduce financial terminology as they learn the alphabet. We use interactive rhymes and fun illustrations to gain our little learners attention. We also utilize our ABC financial literacy coloring book to get them physical involved in coloring the terms with a graphic to match. They explore their creative gestures while subconsciously obtaining wealth building knowledge. We use these tools to introduce financial literacy to our youth and also we plan workshops, events, and play learning games for prizes.”

2. How have you used feedback to better improve your product?

“Yes, we love to receive feedback for improvement of our brand vision. We get many positive perspectives of the brands goal. Many educators, parents, and political officials have given wise insight to expand and make generational wealth normal for our youth to obtain. The feedback we have received thus far is a generation that is willing to move forward on the necessary changes needed to create wealth amongst our socioeconomic systems.”

3. How does social media help you spread awareness?

“I use social media to bring awareness to the brand vision and the steps we are taking to manifest it into reality. I showcase the community event setups and workshops our company provide to the youth around us. We have succeeded in delivering our message to 1,000’s of kids since launching our brand in January 2021.”

4. How do you want to grow your business this year?

“This year perspective of business growth will allow us to be in 3 countries. In March 2022, we had the honor of doing business in Belize for a week. The connections and business partnerships of dedicated growth will allow expansion of our brand to 3 countries as 2022 unfold. As the growth continue, the masses will reach and teach our youth the tools to generate wealth for themselves and generations to come.”

5. If you could collaborate with one other company who would it be & why?

“If I could collaborate with one other company i would choose tri-county black chamber of commerce. This chamber of commerce uplift our African American community in understanding the business world around us. The reputation of many years in service of business have allowed me the tools and platform of expanding worldwide. The benefits of knowledge, support, and widespread connections will and have been beneficial to the affect of our future.”


You can currently locate our books on Amazon and Amazon kindle by searching

“ABC’s of Financial Literacy” author: Nakala Harris

We have a special on our website to buy the reading book and coloring book bundle for as little as $30.

Go to for shopping and more information.

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