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Tia’s Spirit

"Insufficient Feelings"

"So what, you mad

I know I did my dirt but you threw away what we had

So I packed a bag

And left the rest for you to deal with

Cause you said I’m selfish

Cause your mother called me reckless

Catch me in the cloud, that’s where your sister says my head is

This Chardonnay helps me remember to forget this

I stood by you, in all your attitudes

And you dare think I stepped out on you

Here’s your fortune, clutching the wheel now, go buy a clue

Cause you know it’s always only been you

Yeah I snapped but what you said was cap

Even your conscience knows I’d never do you like that

But you like the taste

But you watch my waist

Any time, any day, you pick the place

I can’t care anymore

You were the opportunity I needed when I didn’t answer the door

What’s there to stay for

You said yourself you wanted more

So I went out to do my best

I went right when the Tesla said take a left

No answers to my calls, you always were my stress

Walked in on your downfall, I wanted to cry but I had nothing left"



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