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Artificial Intelligence

"Your judgment is clouded

I show you the truth, you look around it

Love lost me & yet I still found it

Who are you going to believe

It’s come to my attention you like the story that’s been told

You like the way it feels

You’ve convinced yourself of these lies, how do you expect to heal

Painted in dark colors, we both know you want me under your covers

Who are you going to believe

Alexis or me, the one you can see

What she’s feeding you isn’t what you need

You’ve let her overpower me

That storyline could never be this fine

Won’t let me in so you go out your mind

Reality’s too honest, it’s gonna be your mirror

I wiped my tears long ago, the feelings are clearer

You said this

Then you do that

You fell for it

I bounced back

Tell yourself what you want to believe

The truth's favorite place will always be with me

Telling yourself what you want

I’m telling you what you didn’t know you need"



Stay tuned to Melanin TV to catch Episode 3 of Honest Honey breaking down this poem with LEXX !

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