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As I Am: Inspired by “Church Girl”

"You haven’t prayed the prayers I prayed

Your tears won’t hold weight to where my head has laid

I do what is asked of me and then some

I don’t turn to the light when the choices left are none

Drinking past my limit, still a church girl

He helps me get out when I’m caught up in it, still a church girl

In the world but not of it, still a church girl

Let me wear what I want, I’m covered, still a church girl

Say what you want & I’ll say what I mean

I’ve prayed over my being no matter who comes between

Anointed and blessed

I have too many plans working for my good to be stressed

Gave it all to God and peace is all I have left

In the darkest times on the darkest days

I felt the weight of the world take me away

I kept sinking and overthinking

It’s never conditional when he knows I need him, unmentionable

You are better than the words they say to you.

You are a light in this world and we need you to shine.

You are not forgotten or denied.

Your blessings are right on time."

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