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Beautique 143

“We are Tiffany and Paige, just two twin sisters that started their own online, plus size exclusive boutique. We started this boutique because we struggled with finding nice, affordable and stylish plus size clothing locally. We want plus size women to love the skin that they're in and be stylish at all times. Our focus isn't just selling clothes but promoting body positivity.”

That‘s it. That’s black excellence. Meet the ladies behind Beautique 143. Oh & you‘re going to LOVE why they chose this name but you’ll have to read their feature to find out!

“The name Beautique 143 came from a love song. 143 stands for "I love you". Mr. Rogers would say this all throughout his hit tv show and Musiq Soulchild turned this into a beautiful love song called 143. We want all of the Beauties to know that we genuinely love them inside and out. We decided to do this in a numerical way.”

1. Where do you get the inspiration to add new products to your site?

When picking new inventory we look to see what colors are trending, what styles are in and compare it to what our audience loves best. My sister and I also look to see what items that we can get in sets because those are our best sellers.”

2. In your industry, what’s an underrated gem you’d like to share?

Make curated collections. People don’t story tell anymore or build a connection with the clothes. Boutique owners have glorified selling the clothes and that’s it. But to truly connect to your customer base make collections that bring everything together. Tell a story your customer base can connect with.”

3. Looking back on your journey, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Don’t struggle through something you have no idea how to do. To save money on the beginning we didn’t get any assistance with our website. Once we gave up trying to put it together ourselves it made a major change in sales. Never be scared to pay for services that will better assist your brand.”

4. How do you accomplish goals for your business?

We write them down at the end of the year, develop a plan on how to execute and put the plan in motion each quarter. We have wrote down a 5 year plan for our brand and the only way we will accomplish it is if we see it as a daily reminder.”

5. What’s the message you want to send to your potential customers?

Love yourself! The internet will tell you that being plus size you shouldn’t flaunt it or promote it because it’s an unhealthy lifestyle. Don’t listen to them. Embrace and love your body no matter what stage you’re in. Wear clothes that you love and never let anyone make you feel like you shouldn’t. We want to help you build your confidence AND keep it. Shop Beautique 143.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Tiffany & Paige for allowing me to shine a light on their business! You can see the passion & love in every aspect of their business! Make sure you keep up with these Queens on social media & their site!

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