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Behind Closed Doors

they don’t know us

never wanted them to trust us

we aren’t like them

different fabrics and feelings

cutting leads to bruises we start healing

tryna take what’s mine

oh sweetie you must be mistaken

never the type to step outta line

ill do some thangs for em never fakin

trust aids my heart

lies and deceit my baby wants no parts

I could brag and boast but sharing him with y’all

not even close

yeah I love em but he’s still a man

give em opportunities he’ll take what he can

gotta learn the code ladies gotta give em more than ya little lady and a baby

try honesty loyalty & commitment

or maybe that’s too much to ask

me and him can’t relate to y’all

love changing like seasons summer to fall

elevating and concentrating on us

always happy nah we fuss & I cuss

if I said you ain’t goin then that’s it

fuck the club turn on the red lights we can get lit

behind close doors is where I keep my king cause he’s more than a friend baby daddy or body added to my count

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