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Bel Air: Canvass

The Banks family rallies around Uncle Phil to ramp up his campaign; Will's past starts to catch up to him, and he finds help in an unexpected place.

Rashad is coming. Hit the deck!

  • Before we get into Rashad knowing the location now, can we please get Carlton some help! His constant jealousy of everything will does is annoying. Even when they went out to get signatures, he couldn't help but throw slick shots at Will. Meanwhile, he couldn't even get someone to sign a fake name.

  • I am LOVING how Jeffrey is getting his own storyline! I am really excited to see what Jeffrey's life pans out like! Ever since Will ask him for help and he "took care of it" it's intriguing. Jeffrey hasn't always been carrying bags and cleaning houses & I'm here for it!

  • I know that eventually this connection between Will & Lisa is going to grow to be more than friends so I'm just ready to address it already cause romance is so overrated and overdone these days in shows.

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