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Bel Air: Dreams & Nightmares

*SPOILER ALERT: Carlton's doing drugs, ya'll!* Scenes of Saturday is meant to put you on to some amazing shows & movies across various platforms. I'm going to be going into details about things you probably wouldn't know unless you've watched!

If you haven't yet watched this series, stop reading because you've already done enough damage.

When I first started watching I was instantly hooked by the music. I love how every song just resonates so well with the episode. Will definitely is relatable in the sense that we all want to prove ourselves, love our hometown, & don't want to lose who we are.

Did ya'll see where Rashad threw the ball & hit the other guy and ducked off? Like nobody saw him walking away? Now Will is put in a tough spot for no reason for real. When the jail scene came up and he pointed his finger as a gun to his head, I GOT SCARED, like what I do?

As the episode goes on, Will makes his way to LA. Turns out Jazz (never been to Utah) is a whole Uber driver! I would've liked to see them meet a different way but it was okay still. Might I add that every cast member is playing their role to the T!!! For me, I have to really believe you are that person and that it's your real life. Everyone is doing phenomenal for a first episode, especially Hillary Banks. From the YouTube references, to her career taking off, to living in the pool house, sis is TOP TIER.

Uncle Phil is definitely casted well. If I might add, he's almost taking the role too serious but I like it. When Will showed up and started introducing himself, I instantly felt the "boujee rich folks" vibes feel the room! He was definitely an outsider and they made sure to make him aware.

Watch the video for the rest of my reactions & thoughts about this episode! Make sure you also subscribe to the blog so you don't miss the next post!

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