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Bel Air: The Strength to Smile

The Banks family supports Lisa when they host an event in memory of her mother at the mansion; Will puts his feelings of mistrust aside and steps up to the plate for the Banks's and Lisa.

Honestly I didn't expect this episode to go any other way!

  • Will was definitely in his feelings after finding out what everyone back in Philly was saying about him. Me personally, I would've blocked Trey and let it be. If that's how he really feels then he was never Will's real friend in the first place.

  • I don't think Hillary is going to last much longer in the Influencer House. I think she strives to create at her own pace, make her own decisions on content, & how it's done. Kylo basically took all control from her.

  • I am SO SICK of Aunt Viv's wardrobe. I know she's a college professor but her students need to put her on game! Don't even get me started on the orange dress at the party! I almost cut the show off.

  • The dinner and party for Gayle definitely spilled more tea than anticipated because everyone was talking and revealing secrets I hope we get to unfold in the next episode!

  • Did ya'll catch when Aunt Viv put the time table together of when Angela met Lisa's dad? He was still MARRIED TO GAYLE! The betrayal of it all!

Make sure you watch the rest of my recap and review of this week's episode! What do you thin will happen next?

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