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“Bel’leur is a brand of reassurance, confidence, and beauty with a mission to not only sell skincare and cosmetics, but to bring the diamond out of carbon.”

LEXX has the pleasure of learning more from the owner herself, Blair! Here’s a feature composed of grace, knowledge, & beauty!

1. How did you find your target audience?

“I found my target audience in being myself. I feel as a Beautypreneur, you have to completely be yourself to extend beauty and confidence to others. Once I learned who I truly was and wanted to become, my audience became natural. My supporters not only love my products, but they appreciate the vibes and the purity of Bel’leur.”

2. What benefits do your products offer?

“My products offer many benefits. Bel’leur is a skincare and maquillage company and we offer luxe skincare and cosmetic products. The highlight of our company is our skincare. Skincare is self care, a lot don’t realize the importance. Bel’leur Skin restores healthy cell production, and hydration to the skin, causing a clean and natural glow. It’s also always been complimentary to prior makeup application, as well as the post makeup removal. Our products don’t only make you look beautiful, but feel your best even on your worst days. Now those are beauty products!”

“Bel’leur Skin restores healthy cell production, and hydration to the skin, causing a clean and natural glow.”

3. How do you educate your potential customers on your products?

“To my potential customers, in every post or my post comments, whether it be a customer selfie, customer testimonial, or myself using the products; I try to be as elaborating as much I can, from how to use and down to the results. However, most still contact me and ask for product knowledge, which I always offer. We don’t just sell.”

4. When printing a sale, what approach when’s best for your business?

“Promos are always super lit! We love to have fun through our TikTok’s, YouTube Videos, Client journeys and selfies, and more. You get a chance to see who I really am and why we stand for. My approach is always being genuine and the reality of how our products enhance your outer and inner appearance, NOT to just obtain sales.”

5. What’s your motivation to keep going?

“I am not who I am yesterday. When I evolve, my company evolves and someone else has an opportunity to thrive.

Small Story: Recently, I revamped Bel’leur. I had to shut down my business for a few months. Immediately after I shut down, I received so many requests! “I need this”, “I need that”, “where you been”, “what new things are you working on”, etc. Honestly, I was I was in disbelief. I didn’t realize the effect I had on my customers. Although there are probably over a million plus beauty brands to choose from, they wanted Bel’leur. With that being said, Drink your water, Pray those prayers, and push your self to no limits. You never know where you might end up.”




Facebook: Bel’leur Official


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