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Blossom Beautiful Boutique


“Hey y’all! I’m Laqawanda, and I am the owner of Blossom Beautiful online Boutique ( I am a mother of four that keeps me busy, and living in my hometown Ocala, Florida. I love pasta and a good glass of wine and believe that confidence is the best outfit.

I launched my website in 2021 with a passion to create a site where women could be fly without breaking the bank. I had the woman in mind who is more independent but does not have disposable income. She may be in college, just married or a young mother and is in a place where she is trying to better herself and ‘Blossom’ more in life.”

Blessing, Laqawanda D.


1.How do you cater to your target audience?

“I cater to my target audience by providing free U.S. shipping on all orders and each order comes with a surprise gift.”

2. How has social media helped you reach potential customers?

“Social media help me discover new potential customers by creating ads that gives me the capability to reach my target audience.”

3. How does your website reflect your brand?

My site and brand reflects me as an entrepreneur because no matter what life throws our way we must turn that pain into power and “Blossom Beautifully!”

4. What would be your dream collaboration for your business?

“My dream collaboration would be with Rihanna! I love her style, she is so dope and stands on what she believe!”

5. How would you benefit from networking with your role models?

If I could talk with one of my role models of business it would definitely be with any woman entrepreneur who started and didn’t give up no matter what obstacle they may have faced in life.

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