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Blushes of Kii

Blushes of Kii is a safe introverted feminine corner where you can express yourself through fashion & cosmetics. We offer good quality handbags & affordable cosmetics.

1. What are your tips for building a great team?

”My tips for building a great team is make sure you have people behind you . Make sure they will work as hard as you . Only have trustworthy people around you ! Don’t compare yourself to other businesses as well. Your journey is your journey. Also invest into your business , yes YouTube & google is free to learn. But , sometimes you have to pay the right people to help you get ahead.”

2. How do you market your business?

“I market my business on all social media including Facebook , tiktok, Instagram & pintrest . I post every single day 1-3 times to reach my target audience. Even if I don’t get any views I still continue to post about my business.”

3. What’s non-negotiable when you start a business?

“When I first started my business I wanted to buy time . But that’s non negotiable honestly . You either work hard & stay up late coming up with content to build your business. Or you waste time not even trying . You can’t buy the time back you wasted not focusing on your dream goal . You have to put your all into it , if you really want it.”

4. How has your business shifted over time?

”When I first started a business I was cleaning houses . The money was good & I had plenty of clients. Once two years went by I was so depressed & unhappy . That wasn’t my true passion at all . I started a handbag company called Blushes Of Kii which I’m in love with . I love fashion handbags , lashes & other cosmetic items . After a year of relaunching my business I felt so relieved. That I was actually doing something I enjoy . With social media shifting every week , my business ideas & plans shift . You have to stay updated with the new trends now.”

“Remember starting a business is not a race ! Take some time to relax and treat yourself.”

5. How do you handle the stress that comes with responsibility?

”When I first started my business I was so stressed out lol . I didn’t know how to sell anything . I would stay up for hours & days training to piece together content . I would get so frustrated & just give up . I wouldn’t post about my business cause my sales were low . I would also get discouraged & drive myself insane . When handling the stress that comes with responsibility you have to have patience. Everything doesn’t happen over night . I had to learn to be patient and have faith in myself . I started to work smart and not harder . On certain days of the week I will plan out all my content and schedule my post for all social media accounts . Then I take a few days off to refresh myself . I treat myself for the hard work I’ve done . You have to take some time out for yourself . Or you’ll get overwhelmed and throw in the towel . Remember starting a business is not a race ! Take some time to relax and treat yourself .”

Thank you so much to Blushes of Kii for allowing FMR to feature this booming business!


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