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Bodied by Jay

“Alexa play “Body” by Meg Thee Stallion.”

There’s really not much to say about a brand that speaks for itself with REAL RESULTS! I’m going to allow this business to do all the talking featuring the beautiful owner, Reshae Bethea!

1. How does your business build confidence?

“My business builds confidence by helping customers feel better about themselves. Looking good help people feel good.”

2. How do you build trust with your customers?

“I build trust with my customers by always telling The truth about my products and my services. I always show unedited pictures of my results.”

3. What product has become your best seller & why?

“My 15 day meltdown detox is my number one product. I feel like it’s my best seller because it does exactly what its supposed to do. You lose weight without having to work out.”

4. How has your brand adjusted to your customers needs?

“My brand adjusts to my customer needs by having a solution to all my customers problem. I have products that help people lose weight as well as products that help people gain.”

5. Success is different for everyone. How has your business become successful?

“My business has become successful by being dedicated to my craft. Constantly promoting myself and working on new things.”


Facebook: Bodied By Jay LLC

Instagram: __bodiedbyjay

Website :

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