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Budgeting Like a Boss!

No one ever said you had to have $100,000 in order to budget or start using your money properly. Most of us get a large sum of money and we go get the one thing we want the most, but can't ever seem to splurge on. STOP THAT! If you want me to explain to you why, keep reading!


When you create a budget, you're going to have to stick to it. What's the point of planning to save $100 a month if you keep spending it?

Budgeting and tracking your expenses shows you where your money goes and how all that little spending adds up over time.

When you start to track your spending and physically see where every dollar is going, that one thing you want from the store might not be as important anymore.


Budgeting can make a way for you to save for a down payment on a house, buy a new car, pay off credit card debt, plan for retirement, or even plan a vacation!

Creating Your Budget!

  1. Create a worksheet & use categories such as housing, utilities, insurance, and food. Feel free to customize as you see fit.

  2. List all your sources of income

  3. List expenses you want to track. Be as detailed as possible.

The purpose of budgeting isn't to make you feel bad for the special things you want to treat yourself to. It's to make sure you have the funds available to spend on the things you want.


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