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“My name is Alisha Cole. I am 32 years old and I am the owner of ColeXSkin. For several years, I suffered with acne, hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. I would have some good days some bad days just based off how my skin looked . I created my brand to make women and men feel sexy, confident and comfortable in their own skin. My goal is to bring luxurious skincare to your luxurious lifestyle ✨.”


1. How has your mental health been affected since becoming a entrepreneur?

“Since becoming an entrepreneur it has def taken toll on my mental health. Triggered anxiety in me I didn’t know I had. I really had to set times and days for certain things or else I would drive myself crazy. Sleepiness nights thinking about content and orders etc.

Also realizing we are our worse enemy . Not others. By becoming an entrepreneur it has sparked things and skills in me I didn’t even know I had, always be kind to yourself .”

2. Explain the process of creating promotional content that works for your business.

“I noticed more people are attracted to the process of me making my products. So that’s been my focus, creating more reels.”

3. What’s your secret to success?

“My Dad always told me “.. a winner never quits and a quitter never wins “.. If I don’t quit and I keep going no matter how difficult it gets I’m bound to be successful. The only way I’ll know that for sure is to KEEP GOING.”

4. How has customer feedback influenced your business?

“Before I officially launched my website I started making soap and trying different ingredients. I would have my coworkers try them and give me feedback. I used that to create the products I have now. I also plan to add more products to my website and I use my customer feedback to decide what’s next. So stay tuned. ✨✨”

5. Do you think going viral is equal to being valuable?

“I definitely don’t think going viral is equal to being valuable. I feel valuable now. I’m able to make a change in peoples lives. People who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, sensitive or acne prone skin. I created my line to make people feel sexy, confident and comfortable in their own skin. And that’s all that matters to me 😊.”


Facebook :ColeXSkin

Instagram: ColeXSkin

TikTok : ColeXSkin


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