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Comfort, Not A Curse: Inspired by “Cozy”

"To love me is to love my scars

I’ve loved this world & hurt way too hard

Man wants to tear down my guard

I can’t be that careless with my heart

Melanin still standing the test of time

Despite the lies and trauma that wanted me to die

You’ve never seen a blessing from this side

Your highest high can’t compare to my vibe

Yes I have imperfections and mind flows in it’s own direction

You can’t talk down on my complexion cause I’m cozy

You should have to pay to know me

I remember the nights when I asked God to hold me

Continue to talk

Over your attempt at killing my spirit, I walk

I am above what came from beneath me

I’ve washed off my shame and past, now do you see me?

I am unapologetic about the changes I’m going through

I give myself grace to change at my own pace

I am better than I was yesterday

I am not my current circumstance."

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