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Don’t Blow It Candles

“My name is Britney Harris and I am the owner of Don’t Blow It candles by Brit LLC. I create custom wax melts, candles, centerpieces, and gifts. My business started from my love of cooking and baking. I was inspired to start making candles after receiving praise from my family and friends and have been making candles for close to two years. I am planning to add room/ linen sprays as well as body scrubs and butter to my business. I love to create unique candles and having people second guess on whether it’s the real thing or not. I am a single mother of two handsome boys and I partner with Autism Awareness. This organization is very dear to my heart because my oldest son has autism. Currently I am working on subscription packages as well as many other promotions that will be available soon😁 I offer one on one advice to candle making, I make and sell candle embeds as well as silicone molds. 10% of every purchase gets donated to autism speaks for the continuous research for autism.”

1. What’s a positive change you’d like to see this year in your industry?

“For people to stop with being hateful and just learn to be supportive. In my line of business there are many opportunities for everyone to grow.”

2. How does your creativity shine in your business?

“I started my business through being a baker. I started making candles that resembled what I baked or cooked. My creativity is what sets me apart from others.”

3. In your opinion, what’s an important factor of business?

“One of the most important factors of any business I would say is patience. In my line of work it takes lots of patience and testing. Without the two my business wouldn’t be successful. In any business I believe it should be something that a person is passionate about and not doing it just for the attention.”

4. How do you use social media to meet new potential customers ?

“I offer classes, one on one advice, and also meet and greets at local pop up events. I also use my social media platforms to invite guests in to my world as a mompreneur.”

5. What would the perfect opportunity be for your business?

“The perfect opportunity for me would to get at least one of my candles in front of a major company and for me to have the resources to expand my business. With the price of everything going sky high it’s hard to always stay stocked up on everything but given the right opportunity to get my products shown would be a huge blessing.”


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