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EBA Natural Products

“My name is Alizeyae Green. I grew up in Columbia, SC. I'm a student and business owner. I'm studying to become a doctor. I enjoy creating herbal products that promote holistic health.”

1. What characteristics or traits do you believe successful people have in common?

“I believe the characteristics of a successful person are to be hardworking, committed, persistent, and flexible.”

2. How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated?

“I keep myself inspired and motivated by reminding myself of how far I've come. I focus on what I have and not the things I feel that I'm lacking. Being grateful has been what helps me most.”

3. What are some of your goals right now?

“My goals at the moment are to expand my business and open a brick and mortar storefront to offer yoni steaming services and more.”

4. If you were to start over having the knowledge that you have now, what would you do differently, if anything?

“If I were to start over having the knowledge I have now, I would start out by saving more money for the startup.”

5. How do you maintain your business life aside from your private life?

“I maintain my business life by setting office/work hours. I work for myself, so I have to set time aside for myself.”


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