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Ebony's Beauty Hair & Skin Care

A woman with a dream is more powerful than most people can imagine. Ebony Robert took her love for the beauty industry and turned it into a very successful business. Next time you're in Wal-Mart, look for "Ebony's Beauty Hair & Skin Care"

This mother of 5 boys started her business in 2018 & she's caught the attention of Wal-Mart! Through growth, balance, and strategy she's been able to obtain a distribution deal Amazon. Ebony wants every woman to know that her products are safer, effective, and free of any harsh chemicals. When you support her, you're supporting her passion.

FMR Recommends her Face & Body Glow Serum, WAP Feminine Shower Gel, Green Tea Eye Cream, & the Herbal Rice Water Hair Growth Bundle!

This queen has put safe skin care, self care, & safer products on the shelves for everyone to indulge in.

If you need a reason to keep going, believe in your products, or even start your own business, FOLLOW IN EBONY'S FOOTSTEPS!

If you want to reach out to Ebony here's her email:

Facebook: Ebony's Beauty Hair & Skin Care

Instagram: @ebonysbeauty5

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