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Epic Rose Skintique

“Fine Features are a way to see what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Whether you just made your first sale or celebrating your 5th year in business, there’s always more to learn. These women are extraordinarily amazing. I’m using my brand to shine a light on the beauty behind business! Whether you do nails or sell skincare, Fine Melanin Roses values everything that you are.” - Alexis

FMR asks that you share, support, & shop with this amazing business! Here’s a feature you’re sure to enjoy!

“My name is Monique Cooper, I’m originally from Northwest Indiana, my husband and I relocated here to Texas about 7 years ago.

We decided to get away from the snow and colder temperatures.

After the move our family became more conscious of our eating habits and through our transition into eating healthier we gained an awareness of the products we were using on our bodies.

What prompted the change was I developed a cyst under my armpits and I'd notice it right after applying deodorant. It was really uncomfortable and scary. It felt like hardened rocks underneath my armpits. This was one of many issues related to our personal care products that each one of us experienced. This warranted a prompt change to make changes to all our skincare regimen.

Our goal was to create family-friendly , environmentally safe, and effective luxurious premium products without compromising quality or cutting corners. A few years of experimenting with several recipes and enjoying the wonderful benefits of natural remedies we decided to launch Epic Rose Skintique , November 2019 , so more people like you could experience the same amazing benefits as we have.

We take pride in offering high-quality products with the best results to enhance your inner-outer glow so that you & your family can live a more sustainable, confident, healthier & happier lifestyle.”

1. Your top 3 mobile apps that help you stay organized and on top of your game.

“Clubhouse, square, cost margin.”

2. How do you come up with business ideas?

“I utilize pinterest and study my competitors and tiktok.”

3. What are the biggest mistakes first-time entrepreneurs can make?

“Focusing too much time and energy on sales rather than building a strong foundation and brand.”

4. How do you market your business?

“I market my business on all social media platforms but my favorite is in person conferences, venues and events.”

5. How did you handle fast growth and scale your business?

“Partnering with other local businesses, press releases with local magazines, and podcast creators.”


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