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Faithfully Progressing

“God doesn’t require much from us in order to show up in our lives.”

*This series was created to provide inspiration & comfort. Alexis has no intention to impact or change your religious beliefs, spiritual views or religious traditions*

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Too bad God doesn’t feel the need to prove himself to you. He’s able. He’s magnificent. He’s the King of Kings. Whatever storm you’re weathering, God has an umbrella to cover you. All you need to do is honestly & truly believe that the rain will stop. Do you?

Let’s say you go to work. You just sit there. You don’t accomplish anything but you want a promotion. You want acknowledgment. You want recognition. You want to feel valued. Sounds crazy right? Faith is simply believing that what you’re doing, asking for, believing in, & praying for is coming because you’re applying the work that it takes to get it. Praying is a tool to allow you to speak to God directly & speak your mind and heart. Building your faith requires building your spiritual & physical work ethic. Yes, you can ask God for that man. But are you willing to admit that your unresolved trauma may push him away? Yes, you can believe in honest faith that the job you desire is coming. But are you willing to take the constructive criticism that your current boss is giving you to help prepare you? Faith without work is insufficient. If you need guidance as to what you should be working on, ask God. Making an effort makes a world of difference.


God doesn’t require much from us in order to show up in our lives. You don’t have to have a larger than life amount of faith to experience how God can change things for you. It’s hard to even have the faith to keep going when it seems like life is beating up on you like you stole something but please remember that it’s not going to rain forever, the thunderstorm will stop, & the lighting will go away. Go to God with what you have & I promise you it’ll be more than enough.


Isn’t it frustrating to when you’re trying, trying, & trying and yet things aren’t coming together? The thing I love about this scripture is that it says “work together for good”. God doesn’t do anything without a plan. He’s not making it uncomfortable for you just to crash and burn. He’s not shifting your life just to see you down. God has a plan for you & your life. This plan may not look like that man you want, the job you’ve dreamed of, or the money in your bank account. Please don’t take it as it’s NEVER going to happen but instead become comfortable with the fact that it’ll happen in God’s timing.

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