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Flesh or Intent

closed off from the rest of the world

taken down by the cruel words

never claimed to be never expected of me

and it’s who i am

i see you look at me i am not who i wish to be

there’s so much more to be

yet to be seen

please tell me it’s a dream

so much i wanna say but no words to put it together

steady wishing on hopes and stars

fucking everything up now

messing up forever

not to say too much

speak when spoken to

drowning in the sea of blues

make a left or make things right

hard to see where my heart is if it’s not midnight

but some people actually see my light

to be on this side is to see everything falling apart

only God knows my heart

He sees all the tears i’ve shed in the dark

a physical downfall

a mental breakdown

a concerned human

a room full of ruins

to say it i definitely meant it

the times i wasn’t myself i wish to forget it

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