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"i wanna hear you hearts rhythm as i walk away

i wanna kiss you & hear all the thoughts you’d never say

i wanna be fluently a part of you

call me greedy but i wanna know what you need without even asking

to fill you where you’re empty, yes i’m crafting

mix a little love add a lil trust

i wanna be fluently a part of you

sex is my natural discussion

but now it’s your mind i wouldn’t mind fuckin’

i wanna keep you up late, get you high off my conversations

let’s talk vacays while you please my love language, penetration

i wanna be fluently a part of you

in this place where my thoughts flow like the wind, so peaceful and alive

allow me to climb on top & ride

i wanna take a trip around your mind & find my special place

i wanna be fluently a part of you"

in case this is too complex, i want to love someone so deeply that i understand them like the back of my hand. i want to be able to learn their ways and compliment them. i think there’s no better feeling than having someone in your corner that understands you as you are. everything just feels effortless and easy. almost too good to be true. i want to make knowing me the best experience of your life. i want to understand my person as easily as I understand myself.

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