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Foreign Dreamhouse

“I’m a young mother raising my son Kyng working a 9-5 full time job plus working my dream job my own boss aka CEO I may be new to the entrepreneur game but I’m really passionate about my brand & my business and you’ll see that from the customer service to the packaging and delivery i love to feel beautiful, so why not share that with those who share my same passion I have all your hair & beauty needs so treat yourself and support this hard working determined CEO & get quality for your money.”

Here’s the Feature of Foreign Dreamhouse! Shop, share, & support!

1. How do you sell the quality of your brand?

“I sell it through everything I do for my brand whether it’s the products to the packaging to the A1 customer service we are selling quality over here.”

2. How does marketing help your business?

“Marketing helps get your brand out and build traffic depending on how you market and how good you’re content is depends on if people will shop. They love something that catches the eye or solves their issues so if you implement them into your marketing then you’re for sure to kick off you’re business the right way.”

3. How do you check to make sure your vendors are a quality you can partner with?

“I always order samples before doing bulk orders and test it out on my myself because if I wouldn’t buy it how can I expect other people to.”

4. Since 2020, how has your business grown?

“Since 2020 my business has grown a lot I went from 1-2 customers to over 200 plus orders shipped/delivered. My clientele is growing and I love my foreign gang so much. They’re the reason for it so shout out to them.”

5. Technology is changing everyday. How do you keep up?

“I do my research and just keep up with the trends but make it my own so i don’t be like every other brand.”



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