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Get New Customers

Are you looking to grow your clients or customers? Are you trying everything you know how to do & still NO results? Before you start panicking & pulling out your hair, let’s talk GETTING NEW CUSTOMERS!

Here are a few things you should be trying in 2022 to attract new customers & clients! ⬇️

⚡️Hold in-person events⚡️

When you host your event, make sure you have a place for visitors to sign up for freebies given away throughout the programming. When you collect information, let people know you’ll also send coupons via email or to home addresses. Create a special hashtag for your event and hold a social media contest to involve the new customers in your online marketing.

⚡️Motivate current customers to advocate on behalf of your business⚡️

Word of mouth marketing is far and away the best way to generate some buzz around your business. While many customers will do this organically, it’s just a fact that most of them will be looking for something in return. So, think about setting up a customer referral programme, offering free or discounted products or services in exchange for people sending new customers your way.

⚡️Bring a friend⚡️

This idea is similar to referrals but requires customer participation. Offer “bring a friend” deals to get your loyal customers to introduce their friends and colleagues to your business. For instance, a restaurant could offer a “buy one entrée, get a second for free” special to attract more customers.

Think of these strategies as a starter list. Add your own ideas. The key is to get started now so that when next year rolls around, you’re already selling to an expanded customer base.

Have you tried any of these methods or is this EXCITING NEWS to you? Let me know how these work for your business! Stay tuned & Ill show you how to Get The Profit even after covering all your business costs ! LEXX 💋

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