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Getting What You Want

When it comes to setting financial goals, it's all in the writing. As in your writing. It's easy to think about what you want for your financial future, getting your credit score right, and trying to save. Keep reading to learn how you can get exactly what you want!

Whether you want to or not, creating a budget is going to start you on your way. You need to have a plan and not just go into blindly hoping you remember to save $5 every week.

If your short-term liabilities (due in a year or less) are greater than your current assets (cash and assets like stocks that can be quickly turned into cash, paying down credit card debt makes a smart financial priority.

Don't let fear of failing or not meeting your goals in your set time deter you from starting. Do what works for you above all else.

When you write your goals, include the following:

  • - a description of the goal

  • -the time frame for achieving it

  • -the amount of money needed

  • -the amount already saved

  • -your plan for reaching the goal

Make sure to create a deadline that you're going to stick to. Creating that sense of urgency is going to keep you focused.

I hope these series continues to help you all! Stay tuned for the next post!

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