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Glam Smiles LLC

“ I'm 26 yrs old and was born and raised in Columbus Ohio. I moved to Charlotte NC when i was 15 going on 16 yrs of age. It was awhile before I found my place and i did it! I've been a Cosmetic teeth whitening Specialist for 3yrs and a licensed esthetician for almost 1yr. My place was in the beauty world and im just glad to be living in what i feel is my purpose.”

1. How would you say esthetics have changed in the past 5 years?

“Esthetics have changed tremendously in the past 5 years. The biggest change I've noticed is diversity. 5 years ago I didn't really hear too much about melanated individuals; including men entering the Esthetics field. People don't understand how major that is, because for decades we trusted other individuals with the care of our skin when in all actuality nobody knows the true region of melanated skin , but melanated individuals. It's beyond just using medicated skin products.”

2. What’s your favorite form of self care to perform & what’s your process?

“My favorite form of self care to perform are definitely the facials ! It's something about helping each and every one of my clients unwind and leave their problems at the door that settles the soul. I either put on 80's or 90's R&B music or Sadè to mellow the atmosphere, ask them to remove their shoes, dim the lights, and let the relaxation process kick in.”

3. How would you advertise your best selling service?

“"The Whiter The Teeth, The Bigger The Smile" is exactly how i would advertise my best selling service. Theres not one individual I know who has white teeth and doesn't like showing them.”

4. How do you accurately price your services to profit & grow your business?

“When it comes to services and profit I always keep it reasonable but profitable. Reasonable services will always generate the proper and increasingly revenue.”

5. What’s your top tier advice for taking care of melanin skin?

“The most delicate/top tier advice that I have for melanated skin is, the more natural, the more effective.”




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