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Good Gal

i’m no masterpiece

but at my best i bring the peace

i tune the world out

i bring the noise down

cause i know you need to focus

that’s my man & everyone knows this

cause he’s well kept

he never half steps

i picked the attire

when he comes home I fulfill his desires

do you need space? you got it

do you need a hug? you got it

do you want good love? you got it

& plenty more

see i’m not the merch i’m the store

holding down everything you came for

it’s my ambition that fuels your mission to succeed

i’ll build the table that you need

please go sleep

i work best at night

please be ready in the AM for the flight

cause we’re going places

cause we’re doing things

cause i’m the coach that got you the ring

i’m ambitious

i know for a fact i taste delicious

i’m loyal past good sense

but sick enough to cause a few dents

i’ve got every reason to shower my King w all he desires

back up time out

there goes the fire

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