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Greed Poisons Gratitude

God spare me my death anytime soon

I’ve been looking to the stars & moon

For a sign of something different

I grew through the tears and changes

Yet I’m still stuck in time

I can’t move, is this happening to you

Cause I swear my mind is stuck

Sometimes I shouldn’t give a fuck

But you already know too much

I can even lie to, I’d ride for you

Starting to think I should hide from you

Lord knows when you get a good look at me

I’m taking your soul indeed

Yet I’m still stuck in time

Dancing around my heart

It tears me apart

Some pimp, some player

How dare you claim that title, you don’t even have haters

Just your imagination

Lemme get this straight

You care so much, you really wanna keep me close

But treat me like an option , so miss mamas doesn’t know

Yet you’re trying to grow

Putting poison in your own soil, I’m no gardener but there’s one thing I know

You reap what you sow



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