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He’s Not Them

“Whenever it feels like life is beating you like you stole something, it might feel like an attack. Faith is knowing that despite the attack you’ve got the power to beat it. Faith is knowing that God isn’t going to put you in a fight you can’t win.”

*This series was created to provide inspiration & comfort. Alexis has no intention to impact or change your religious beliefs, spiritual views or religious traditions*


It’s so many of us that worry about tomorrow. Different people worry about different things. It’s human nature to worry. It’s so human we can’t turn it off or turn it down. Half the time, we can’t control what’s on our minds either way. God tells us not to worry but we’re all aware that it’s easier said than done. I want you to just practice living in the moment. Practice just completing the day. From the moment you wake up, just make it through the day. I’m not saying negate responsibilities or pretend they don’t exist, but don’t cloud your mind with things that haven’t even happened yet. For college students this looks like preparing for an exam or an important presentation you’re already stressing out about. For a young adult, worrying may look like a sudden crisis throwing your whole life upside down. Worrying looks different for everyone but it brings the feeling of missing out, failure, disappointment, & fear. Faith is the opposite is all those things. When you believe that everything is going to work out in due time, not to be confused with your time, you’ll relax a little. 90% of the things we go through in life aren’t even in our control but yet we want to control the outcome and prevent any possible upsets. Did you ever stop to think that there’s a lesson in the midst of that upset? There’s a reason they left. There’s a reason you had to quit. There’s a reason things changed. When you find yourself asking “why me?”, ask God in prayer to guide you through & open you to understanding what’s happening.


What’s your favorite drink? Not tea, water, or soda. We’re talking Hennessy, Patron, & Rum. How do you feel when you’ve consumed it? What’s your mental state like? How much control do you feel like you’ve got? Are you alert? Close your eyes & imagine there’s a lion circling you, eyeing you, waiting for you to fail, waiting for you to mess up, & watching your every move. I’m not going to tell you to stop drinking or go to an AA meeting but the point is that you need to always be alert, spiritually & mentally. There are people that can’t wait for you to give up or let it go. They want you to stay right where you are and not excel. When you have faith, even the strongest threat can’t phase you. No matter your relationship with God or strength of faith you can always have protection. Satan looks a lot different these days & I’ll leave it to your imagine how that might look. He’s not so noticeable, loud, seen, or heard. He’s just waiting. Whenever it feels like life is beating you like you stole something, it might feel like an attack. Faith is knowing that despite the attack you’ve got the power to beat it. Faith is knowing that God isn’t going to put you in a fight you can’t win. Faith is knowing that you are capable and can exceed your own expectations when you pray for strength, guidance, & growth! Please don’t think you’ve got to fight every battle. At a certain point, you’ll see that the battle isn’t even worth your time & your peace isn’t worth it. Satan can’t fight by himself.


When you’re most confident, where does it stem from? Is it because you’re certain of the outcome? Is it because there’s no way you can fail? Is it because you’re in control? Trust is a fragile trait for a lot of us & I feel like it starts very young and innocent when you trust that your mom is going to come get you if you cry, you trust that your friend won’t put you in a compromising position to destroy your future, or you trust that the guy you love won’t cheat. The list goes on and on. We trust in manly ways all the time but yet we can’t trust God that easily. We put God to the test with all our wishes & commands. He’s proven himself time and time again. Don’t you think he deserves more credit? If you think about it, confidence comes from something that proven to work or have an effect. You wouldn’t have confidence in your car if it’s constantly not cranking. You don’t have confidence in Mr. Sir if he keeps lying. The scale works both ways. When it comes to God, we test him like we do humans but he’s far from that. I urge you to build your confidence & trust in God. All these things work together to build your faith. When you’re confident that God is going to take care of you, you’re trusting him. When you trust that God is working in your favor, you become more confident.

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