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Heart & Soul Tote Bags

"My name is Felice I am the owner of Heart + Soul. We are a custom canvas tote bag companies that specialize in tote bag fun. I have been and entrepreneur for as long as I can remember that coupled with my love of art and looking for a solution to my shoulder issue when carrying all of my work accessories in my laptop bag has led me to creating my company. I am a mom and grandmother of 2 amazing grandkids. I am also a photographer who loves to travel in my spare time. I also work as a full-time project manager in a prestigious law firm and have recently started an organization called sista friend, where I work long with other minority small owned businesses to help finalize and conquer road blocks such as getting a tax id to starting their first net 30 business credit accounts in their journey to starting or having an existing a small business."

1. What factors do you take into consideration when designing your bags?

"The most important factors I take in when considering my bags are sustainability quality and design."

2. How do you price your products in order to make profit?

"I break down all of my cost and use the standard business metrics for profit."

3. How do you use feedback from your customers to influence potential customers?

"I really pay attention to what my customers have to say and I either call them or reach out to them via email with a questionnaire."

4. How did you discover a passion for design?

"Design has always been a passion for me coupled with art, I use to go to art school so my designs play a really big part in my passion for creating my tote bags."


"I can reached on Pinterest, Facebook and instagram at : @hrtnsoultotebags (Facebook) | hrtnsoul_ (Instagram) | hrtnsoultotebags (Pinterest) | @_heartandsoul (tiktok)"


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