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Heavenly Father Forgive Me

"i come to you now as purely as i know how

forgive me what’s coming out of my mouth

i worship & i cry out to thee

please don’t like another nigga try me

blessing you with my presence, holy grail

simply when wet, you love that water, holy well

you got it bad for me, i can tell

but your attitude screams “oh well”

you say one thing but your mind’s gonna tell

my love can cover like honey

i’d love to call you papi

be ya lil sugar baby, keep ya money

unacceptable & unattractive

lay down with fleas, forgot to leave those habits

pouting cause you can’t have it

any bitch other than me is average

like the 90s, Keith Sweat, ima classic

you could never test my patience or stretch your luck before i snatch it

on 17 with the wet piece doing 55, damn you crashed it

i would’ve begged you to let me babysit, lemme have it

fumbling, fighting, forgetting who i am

run it back replay, you might wanna try again

fumbling, fighting, forgetting who i am

you & i both know i’ll love you like no one else can"

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