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I’m Always Good for the Bag

“There are few things that impact a brand’s reputation more than the way it responds to complaints and unhappy customers. Customer service has always been an important part of developing brand loyalty.”

Here are a few ways to turn that unsatisfied customer into a valuable resource:

  1. No one is ever going to be more honest with you than an unhappy customer. It also gives you the opportunity to gain valuable insight into whether any internal processes need to be fixed when dealing with customers so make sure to take detailed notes.


2. Sometimes, you can’t undo the problem, but you can always find a way to make it up to the customer. The degree to which you do so will go a long way toward converting your unhappy customer into your most vocal advocate. Going out of your way to accommodate a customer’s needs makes them feel important, respected and in control. Whenever possible, try to give your customer even more than they asked for. By delivering even the smallest amount above their expectations, you can make them feel like they are your most valued customer.


3. Unresolved complaints tend to escalate. They get posted to social media pages and more and more unhappy customers join the conversation. The louder the conversation gets, the more the negative sentiment toward your brand will spread to other people in your target market. By providing good customer service and making customers feel heard you can minimize your negative publicity.

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