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Inspired by “Essence”

“I ask that you open your mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let my words reach your mind with no interruptions. These words are meant to give you an rare experience. Enjoy.” -LEXX 🤎


“Backup Plan”

To be with you

I see myself in you

I see the rest of you

In all it’s glory, but you ignore me

Essence, you taught me some lessons

Everyday was a blessing

But now my soul’s resting

On the hope you return

I keep saying I don’t want you

But you know me too well

It’s Heaven with you, but my thoughts make me think Hell is the truth

Cause you reside there, you took my mind there

Now I don’t want to go anywhere

I don’t need no other body

Like waves, you rock me

To the beat of your heart, you lock me

In deep, to sleep, I want you on repeat

Early in the morning, I’m still yawning

& you serve affirmations of love in bed

Pour your words in my head

Filled with love

Filled with light

You understand my hesitance

& assure me it’s alright

“Thank you so much for indulging in my work. I hope that my words were able to enhance your emotions and experience with Fine Melanin Roses. I’d also love your feedback!” -LEXX 🤎

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