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Inspired by “Essence”

“I ask that you open your mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let my words reach your mind with no interruptions. These words are meant to give you an rare experience. Enjoy.” -LEXX 🤎

“Our Season”

I need you in my space

Not to fill space but fit perfectly in your place

Cause I carved it just for you

So grow however you need to

We are weeds, figuring out what we need

In a world full of roses

I choose you while everyone else is growin’

It’s your harvest I’m holding

So we’ll grow together

So we’ll grow through the weather

So we’ll see the seasons together

But flowers don’t last forever

So who grows first

So who dies first

Would you leave if you couldn’t measure up to me?

Would you still give what I need?

Sun & the light

I’d water you for the rest of my life

“Thank you so much for indulging in my work. I hope that my words were able to enhance your emotions and experience with Fine Melanin Roses. I’d also love your feedback!” -LEXX 🤎

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