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Inspired by “Pick Up Your Feelings”

“I ask that you open your mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let my words reach your mind with no interruptions. These words are meant to give you a rare experience. Enjoy.” -LEXX 🤎

“Signed: Single"

It’s not like I wanted to do this

I could blame it on you if I really wanted to

Cause it’s everything you do

That brings out this attitude

So I’ve got to save myself

I’ve got to learn to find help

I could of sworn you loved everyone else

All I got was whatever’s left

It’s the Leo in me, taking it for what it’s meant to be

Playing my own mind games, choosing what players plays me

It’s like I got in a web, but I caught you in the bed

Making love to my songs, my body didn’t want to do you wrong

So I’ve got to move on

I got a new phone

I’m calling all the opportunities I passed on

It’s a new day, did my hair a new way

To catch some bees w my honey

You don’t have to go but you’re not welcomed in this parts

Your lease is up, no more access to this heart

It’s up & it’s stuck, I’m moving away

Tell that bitch I saw her face & I’m on the way

“Thank you so much for indulging in my work. I hope that my words were able to enhance your emotions and experience with Fine Melanin Roses. I’d also love your feedback!” -LEXX 🤎

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