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Inspired by “Pick Up Your Feelings”

“I ask that you open your mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let my words reach your mind with no interruptions. These words are meant to give you a rare experience. Enjoy.” -LEXX 🤎


“Puppy Dog Lies”

Oh so I’m acting different now

You mad the sun is shining while the clouds came out

You were never going to dim my light

We both did wrong but I’m still right

Now you wanna talk, now you don’t wanna fuss

But when you call, I’m supposed to drop everything, it’s a must

I’ve packed your bag & even the suits

I’ve made you a man, it’s proof

You came in and shattered my happy place

One day you were all in my face

Staying at your place

Some days I wanted to be there, others I wanted to escape

Friends told me to go, Lord knows I wanted to leave

But the girth has a spell on me, soul ties

My heart aches when your soul lies

The feelings have been felt so it applies

Baby dry your eyes

You haven’t seen the last of me

We have no future, please look past me

I’ll boarding a flight tonight for the first date, happily

“Thank you so much for indulging in my work. I hope that my words were able to enhance your emotions and experience with Fine Melanin Roses. I’d also love your feedback!” -LEXX 🤎

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