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Inspired by “Whole Lotta Money”

“I ask that you open your mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let my words reach your mind with no interruptions. These words are meant to give you an rare experience. Enjoy.” -LEXX 🤎


“Booked & Bossy”

I put on my jewelry just to go to bed

Cause the ice keeps me cozy while I’m dripping’ heat from my head

My mind is always working, pictures are perfect

Signed another deal, with me, it’s always worth it

Apply the lashes than I leave for a meeting

Don’t shake my hand, COVID’s, wave hi, same greeting

Don’t come in my space without a bag to be made

Just filled up the tank to go fill up the safe

Lunch with my babes, bosses reunite

Wrap it up, toast, now we’re catching flights

I go first then Keisha after me

$1,000,000 on the stage & the smile is FREE

May I proceed, yes indeed

Bring my bags to the room, don’t scuff my Gucci

FaceTime business meetings, just securing bags that the crew needs

Needs met

Bills paid

Life is lavish

Anything you desire Queen, this is you, so you can have it!

“Thank you so much for indulging in my work. I hope that my words were able to enhance your emotions and experience with Fine Melanin Roses. I’d also love your feedback!” -LEXX 🤎

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