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Jada Vines Natural Hair Care

“My greatest accomplishment besides my daughter was creating this hair line I believe woman need to remember how to love their self and also how to take care of their natural hair. I’m a therapist, an empowers coach and I’ve created a planner line. My hair line has been featured on WAVE3 news in which I created a segment showing the world what I’ve done. It was also featured a few times in today’s woman magazine where i spoke about my trails and tribulations that instead of hindered me kept me moving.. praise god. My hair line started 10 years ago in my kitchen of my apartment I was a single mom at the time and couldn’t afford those high price hair products. I also had a scalp illness which forced me to go natural. One product was created from hours and hours of YouTube. I used it in my hair my daughters hair friends and family. Then 4 years later I launched my very on line. No wholesale, no team, no laboratory. I later became a Chemist. I found a school online took classes so that I could prefect my CRAFT. I have over 50,000 subscribers to my line thanks to everyone who actually believes in this movement.”

1. How do you educate potential customers about your hair care?

“We like to use reviews from users as well as results that has come from our products. We have social media platforms as well as a website where we host all of our product information which helps to invite potential customers in.”

2. What are the benefits of your products?

“Jade Vines Natural Hair Care is designed to strength nourish and promote healthy growing hair. The oils are carefully strained from plants and combined to perfection. The ingredients are 100% plant based. This line has many amazing benefits. It was hand crafted so it’s created with love and a passion geared towards solving problems. The products include a system for damaged hair, a growth system as well as growth butters, creams and oils. Scalp problems: The line offers a vitamins scalp balm that helps keep your scalp clean and free from dryness. Dry hair: the deep treatments help to re train your hair and fights to create moisture over your hair follicles. Hair growth: the line offers growth oils, and deep treatments to target your problem areas. Whether your struggle is scalp issues, shedding, damaged hair, length retention or maybe just in need of a good line that’s free from harsh chemicals. You could benefit from these products.”

3. How are you evolving your business each year?

“Every year I set new goals for my business. I set goals to attend more events and set up more vendor opportunities. I also set weekly goals to promote more and market differently. I love to connect with business likeminded people like me. This year I plan to revamp my site. I have added more product needs. I have also created bigger bottles and salon size gallons to start selling to salons around the world. I will plan to add more products later this year as well.”

4. What are the best ways you’ve found to market your brand?

“The best ways I have found to market is by reviews, result pictures, and word of mouth. This has become a huge focus of mine when it comes to my branding and business building. I am sure to attend at least one webinar a month to help me find new ways to help me market. Social Media groups have been the leading platform for all of this. I have influencers that work to help me promote and keep my business up and moving each year.”

5. What advice would you give an entrepreneur struggling to balance life and entrepreneurship?

“So there are going to be many days where you feel like quitting. One of the best advices I can give it to give your self-time to rest. Self-care breaks are needed at least once a week or even once a day. Self-care can be anything from listening to slow meditation music, to journaling early mornings.”





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