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Mya’s Mind

"The Bar is Open"

"Lord knows I don’t want you to leave

Pinky promise you could see the best of me

Even when I cover the heart that’s on my sleeve

I still want to accompany all your needs

But you got to be patient

I need to compose my patience

I’m not down & out but could you care for me like I’m your favorite patient

Cause not loving you enough is hurting me, I can’t take it

You turned your back on me, let’s face it

I’m trying to do the best for both of us, I’m not complacent

You said I changed your life now you’re acting different

I don’t like the channel you’re tuned into

I read your love letters, now I’m playing Bleu

Henny nights take our spotlight

I know I canceled our date night

You even set up the red eye flight

You call me ungrateful & you gaslight

I want you to see my effort

See that we’re in this together

See that I’d go blind if we weren’t forever

Cause nothing feels better

Than you protecting our space together

I’m trying to love you

I’m trying to be everything that you need

But the bag is calling me

Promise I’ll be home by 3

You gonna wait up for me?"

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