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Judging Before Judgement Day

It’s so easy to look at others these days and come to a conclusion on what their life is like, how they spend money, how they spend their free time, & even how they raise their kids. But who’s to say any of that is YOUR CONCERN.


Social media has given everyone a right to say what’s on their mind in and out of the internet world. Some people dont know when to turn it OFF. People’s perception will always be wrong and yours can be too. Don‘t be so quick to judge because of some post you see or picture someone took on Snap. Looks can be deceiving more now than ever. Try instead to mind your business or if you must pry, try and understand people better. People have their reasonings for the things they may do and sometimes is a fight or flight reaction but talking and LISTENING can solve all that. It could be your friend, cousin, sister, or mom. This year let’s all try to be more understanding!

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