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Glossy. Glamourous. Girl Boss. That's Katey Bell. From the foaming hand soap to the sugar lip scrub, Katey is setting the standard for natural beauty & entrepreneurship. Keep reading to learn all about K.Meyel!

FMR: What inspired you to start your business?

K.MEYEL: I was inspired to start my business because I am obsessed with lipgloss! I used to spend $20 on popular brand lipgloss because I THOUGHT it was the best. Until one day I said "why not make my own?". I started watching tons of videos and realized it's easier then I thought. Now I only wear KMeyel.

FMR: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

K.MEYEL: Being an entrepreneur affected my family life in many ways. My son gets to see his mother do more then just clock in for someone else, and he's proud of me. It teaches him to work for what he really wants.

FMR: How did you build a successful customer base?

K.MEYEL: I built my customer base mostly through social media and word of mouth. Everywhere I go I hand out a business card. I travel a lot so I like to pass out cards to every boss babe I run into. I'm so thankful for my following and hope to continue to grow it.

FMR: How are you different from your competition?

K.MEYEL: I feel that I am different from others in the same industry because I stand behind my brand 100%. With no preservatives added I guarantee the quality of my products. I would not offer a product I do not use myself. KMeyel is a brand and I strive to accommodate all girls around the world.

FMR: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

K.MEYEL: My most satisfying moments in business are my reviews. I absolutely love reading KMeyels reviews! It feels great to know my customers love my products just as much as I do!


INSTAGRAM: @kmeyellips

TikTok: kmeyellips


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