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Kei 2 Beauty LLC

“Hello Beauties! My name is Keisha Hughes and I am the owner of Kei2Beauty LLC! I specialize in Makeup and Braids. Braiding is something that I actually picked up on as a small child. I would always try different things on my dolls hair and even my mom's hair (when she allowed me to, lol), and by the time I got to high school I had a nice clientele with different peers in my school. A few years after I graduated, I did attempt to go to beauty school, but the determination that I should've had just...wasn't there. I didn't finish school unfortunately, but I put my dreams aside to be a mom and wife.


I started getting serious with makeup back in 2016. I would only apply it on myself and would push myself to try new looks and colors. With doing this, I began to get lots of compliments which led to people asking me to do theirs. I'm not going to lie, at first I was extremely scared. But again, I pushed myself to move outside of my comfort zone which was the best decision I could've ever made.

Fast forward to now, I'm 36, married with 5 children (3 biological and 2 bonus) and all that I've learned and experienced is now turned into something beautiful. From just stepping out on faith, 1 client turned into a few clients and then into huge wedding parties, and now MY OWN BUSINESS!! I give all glory to God!! I can say that I'm now walking in my destiny! It's only up from here."


1. What’s been a life changing moment that led you to entrepreneurship?

“I started to get super bored with having to clock in everyday, doing the same boring job with little to no perks.”

2. How did you start in this industry & work your way up?

“I've always had an interest in makeup. From watching my mom apply it when I was a small girl, to being extremely interested in art. I've always had an eye for gorgeous paintings and art work as well as a special care for people and each person's individual beauty. I'm all about boosting ones self confidence and once I put all of my interest together Makeup Artistry just made sense.”

3. How do you reach new potential supporters?

“Social Media has been my biggest platform. I post my work and promote my business all the time via Facebook and Instagram.”

4. What opportunity would be a beneficial change to your business?

“I've always said "One day, I'm going to be a makeup artist for New York Fashion Week", and I will continue to say this until it happens. That will 100% be a beneficial change to my business.”

5. What advice would you give another women second guessing if she’s ready to be a entrepreneur?

“DO IT NOW! It's so rewarding. It will make you feel so proud when you reflect on your business knowing you can say "I Did That!". Put your gift to use, show others that may be looking up to you that they can do it too!”


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