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Klaws by Kimmie

It's the consistency for me. It's the passion for me. It's the Swarovski crystals dancing in the light for me.

It's Klaws by Kimmie setting the standard for me.

"I've been enjoying the art of nails since my childhood years (roughly 8 years old) and I always knew I'd like to do either hair or nails. In 2013 I received an opportunity to attend an Academy that allowed me to complete my high school work and required education/hours in the state Cosmetology field."

"In 2015 I graduated high school both with my diploma & cosmetology license for the beauty field! I didn't jump straight into it like I should've, but in December of 2018 I finally got the drive to try to pick back up my passion. Unfortunately the very next year month, January of 2019, my daughter & I suffered a great loss. This tragedy caused me to be extremely unmotivated, unfocused, & a huge procrastinator."

"Now here I am! Two years later after my recent trials and I'm wide open & eager to express my love for the craft! Nails are my passion and in the future I plan to transition from a technician to an instructor! Please visit my website to see some of my recent creations and THANK YOU in advance for the support!" - Kia (Kimmie)

Within less than a year, Kia Livingston has created a brand of standard, transparency, and talent. She took her love and passion for nails to new heights in 2020 announcing her new journey of entrepreneurship. Though the road hasn't been crisp shape and effortless application, she's learned lessons and now she's the teacher!

FMR: What inspired you to start your business?

Kia: I realized that I no longer wanted to work a typical job where I was under someone else. I wanted to feel appreciated and do something that didn't necessarily feel like a "JOB" to me.

FMR: What drives you to keep going when it's really tough?

Kia: I think knowing that this is what I risked it all for (quitting a job with guaranteed pay) keeps me going. Not only that, but I want my children to see you don't have to be a lawyer, doctor, etc to be successful!

FMR: What are some of the mistakes you wished you could've avoided?

Kia: Comparing my work to others when I had just begun my journey. It's one thing to be inspired & ADMIRE but NEVER EVER COMPARE.

FMR: How do you plan on growing your business? Kia: In the new future I'd like to relocate to a more high traffic area.

FMR: What's your approach to marketing?

Kia: Networking & self promotion is key to me. Whether I get one like or NONE I'm going to keep promoting MYSELF because eventually someone will see it.

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